Jams Verlet x Stéphan Perrotte

Who better than Stéphan Perrotte, Jam World Champion and Best Jam Maker of France to create Verlet’s new range. Dip into ten delectable artisanal flavours created with passion by the master himself: mouthwatering wild strawberry, Meeker raspberry, blackcurrant, wild blueberry, blackberry, sour cherry, apricot, Lorraine mirabelle, orange and red berries.

Together, Verlet and Stéphan Perrotte use their unique savoir-faire to create two original and refined recipes: a fruity and intense coffee from Kenya paired perfectly with wild cherry, as well as the artful blending of Assam tea with Indian spices, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, heightened with a touch of bitter orange. Skillful teamwork for delicious delicacies.

Jam: 8,30 euros. Available only in store.

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