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About Origins

Maison Verlet origins from Mr. Woehrlé to Mr. Duchossoy… 

Maison Verlet is based in Paris, 256 of rue Saint-Honoré since the beginning of the 20thcentury. 

Everything started when Auguste Whoehrlé, adventurer and seaman, decided to anchor in Paris. 

He opened the store under the name of VERLET. At the beginning he sold rice, spices, tea and some coffee. 

His descendants motived by the same flame, specialized in coffee. Pierre Verlet, the grandson, was the first in 1965, to propose roasted coffees from all over the world. 

“In 1995, my turn to take the plunge in the adventure, I went to find by myself that special pearl in Myanmar, Panama, Colombia. Always favour ecological, human and generous coffee growing.” 

Éric Duchossoy