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Coffee from Asia selected and roasted by Verlet

Indonesia: Kopi Luwak, 100% pure genuine Arabica coffee

Indonesia: Kopi Luwak

Gourmet coffee from Irian Jaya forest, very appreciated by a small civet that eats and digested coffee cherries, which are then collected, washed and dried.
Exceptional and rare coffee with dark chocolate notes and very long finish flavor.

Type arabica
Altitude 1200 to 1600 meters
Mild with caffeine rate of 1.32%

65.00 €250g. packAvailable for sale on the online shop and at Verlet store Paris

Fresly roasted whole green beans to grind yourself with a machine like brand Jura® or grinded among several grind choices: extra fine for turkish style coffee, very fine for espresso coffee machine, fine for classic paper filters drip like brand Melitta®, medium for italian coffee machine, large for traditionnal french press like brand Bodum® or especially for caps to filling compatibles with Nespresso® machines from brand Capsul’In.

Ref C-ASI-404 · Weight 250 grams · Price tax included · Available for sale on the online shop and at Verlet store Paris