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About Coffee in the world

Coffee is the second article exchangea in the world just behind petrol oil.

We estimate to 125 millions, the number of people living from coffee, included 25 millions of small growers. 400 billions cups of coffee are drinked per year, that means 12 000 cups per second.

Since several years, mondial coffee production exceed 100 millions bags ( 120 millions in 2002, 102 millions in 2003 ) that corresponds to 6 to 7 millions tons, in 1825 we produced only 100 000 tons of coffee per year.

More than 80 millions bags are exported each years ( 88 millions in 2002, 84 millions in 2003 ). The biggest producer is Brasil, especially state of São Paulo, where is situated the first coffee harbor in the world, just behind is Viêtnam ( the most important Robusta grower ) and third place is Columbia.